Right Influence

Have you ever wondered as to how the people around you have influenced you in different aspects of your life? When we’re young our parents try not to let us get along with those whom they feel are not a good influence to us. And then comes a phase in our life when we’re all … More Right Influence

Happenings in life

I am very sure that each one of us would have come across a moment in our life when we wanted our current life happenings to end, although these happenings were the ones we so badly wanted to be part of back then, for reasons that sound irrational to us now. As to why you … More Happenings in life

“Son ! Coffee ?”

( Currently in India, having fun meeting family, friends and enjoying the food. My mountaineering expedition to Stokangiri was electrifying. Lots of fun, endurance, challenges and memories. I will try writing about it very soon. Just got back home after meeting my friend Varsha. Met her after 2 years, and realized how much I missed talking … More “Son ! Coffee ?”