Monument Valley – Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii

(Its been a month since I blogged. Injured my left shoulder climbing and was kind off down with no motivation to do anything. It really sucked. Guess I learnt the lessons the hard way. I am glad that its better now. Will start climbing again from this week 🙂 )


(Continued from) Two hours of drive towards northeast from Lower Antelope Canyon is Monument Valley. Famously known as Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii among Navajo tribe (meaning valley of rocks), this place essentially is a plateau with cluster of sandstone mountains formed by vertical sides and flat tops that look like table landforms. The place is unique in the way it presents itself.

Navajo Hogan

Each of the sand stone rocks that stand high for more than 800 feet are given a name, names that are relevant to their structure.

West Mitten Butte (left)
Elephant Butte

Three Sisters (Left side)
view from Artist’s Point

It was around 8:00pm by the time we started to drive back to Page city. Something about travelling in the night in a car that makes guys talk about their personal life when fully awake…(it happened in the past too) seated in the driver’s seat I listened to my friends talk…


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