Hazdistazí – Lower Antelope Canyon


Early morning we visited the Lower Antelope Canyon located on Navajo Nation land, east of Page city. These canyons are basically sandstone slot canyons formed by flash flooding. The access to these canyons is completely controlled by the Navajo Nation. Antelope has Upper and Lower canyon, both open for tourists to visit. We visited the Lower Canyon also famously called the Hazdistazí as mentioned by our guide, meaning the spiral rock arches. You’ll know for sure as to why the place is named so if you visit the place.

Navajo Generating Station
as we waited for our turn

too early for him to explore the Canyon ?

The entrance to the canyon is down through this narrow slit from where the metal stairways take you down for like 50 feet initially if I remember right. The actual depth of the canyon as you walk deep in further reaches almost 100 feet we were told. Our group included us three and an American family who had come to explore the place with their four month old infant was guided by this friendly guy . He spoke a lot about the place, lifestyle and practices of the Navajo tribes in the area.

There are certain places where you click a snap and share them with people who haven’t visited the place, you get all the credit for how amazing the snap really looks. But apparently it has nothing to do with your photography skills but instead the place itself cannot look bad in the snap. With appropriate sunlight, the Lower Antelope Canyon is one such place. The snap will never look bad even when clicked by an amateur like me, who’s still learning to click snaps in manual mode with my DSLR.

with our guide

Later in the evening we drove to Monument Valley…


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