Stok Kangri Expedition – Day 2 – Acclimatization hike & Mountaineering Clinics

May 26 2016

(continued from) Served with the Oat meal breakfast which to be honest wasn’t really easy to eat, atleast for me, we were left to chill around and enjoy the place in the morning.  The day was spent doing a short acclimatization hike to a peak not that far from Manokarma campsite. It was really important that we got use to the altitude before we ascended further to the basecamp and further to the summit. Morning we spotted Ladakh Urial and the Alpine Chough bird close to our campsite. During breakfast Kalyan told us this funny cooked up story on as to why the beak of these Alpine Chough birds were yellow in color, funny :).

Ladakh Urial
Alpine Chough with yellow beaks

And later during the acclimatization hike we spotted these Himalayan Marmots that are plenty in number here, some Ladakh Yaks and also Plain Mountain Finch birds. The peaks that we climbed were all close to 16000 feet (approx).

Himalayan Marmot
Ladakh Yak

Sweet couple

Later after lunch Kalyan had us assembled for clinics briefing us on what to expect during the summit climb day, how the equipments like crampons, mountaineering axe and snow boats  were to be used, the do’s and don’ts etc. The mountaineering boots built with some kind of plastic felt super heavy when I tried it on for the first time. We walked around trying to get use to the crampons and boots.

Evening was spent very happily chatting with our Sherpas in the kitchen tent.

When I slipped into my sleeping bag for the night, I was all excited of the adventures to be experienced for the next two days

to be continued…


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