Stok Village and Acclimatization Hike

May 24 2016

(continued from) Picked up by our Sherpa and his team early noon, we were driven to this small remote village surrounded by desert and mountains called Stok, located 14km southeast of leh at an altitude of 3,364 metres (11,037 ft). The village is based around the Stok Monastery and has only  around 300 houses. Our hosts were these sweet couple who owned the house and also a vast stretch of land around the area where they grew some crops. Uncle and Aunty like we addressed them were very kind and kept themselves extremely busy in the house. They earned their living through agriculture and also hosting guests in there beautiful house and treating them with local food. We were served with healthy local Ladaki food too for lunch, most of them steamed and cooked. And lot of eggs 🙂

img_2581img_2561img_2564 img_2568 Following the lunch we got out with our sacks for a short acclimatization hike to a peak that was not so far from the house. As it is the hike was not so difficult but then I could feel the body finding it difficult to adapt to the altitude. Just a day before I was in Bangalore at an altitude of 3000 feet and now trying to adapt and hike at an altitude of 11000 feet was no joke. Had to breathe hard and take in as much oxygen as possible. And I knew that when the hike to Stokangri begins, it’s not going to be easy to adapt to the ascending altitude conditions.

img_2588 img_2590 img_2592img_2593

We later had lot of fun playing cards and I realized then that it had been long time since I had laughed so much for such long duration of time. During dinner we met this kid Anu, who was super cute with red cheeks. She kinda reminded me of Heidi, the mountain girl.

battle for the spoon
Local food

Next day morning, we got picked up by Kalyan, our Sherpa and were driven to the trailhead from where began the hike to the first camp

with Uncle and Aunty


   to be continued…

(there’re some songs whose lyrics you can relate to so much. Check this video)


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