Right Influence

Have you ever wondered as to how the people around you have influenced you in different aspects of your life? When we’re young our parents try not to let us get along with those whom they feel are not a good influence to us. And then comes a phase in our life when we’re all grown up and given all the liberty to move around and make friends of our choice. Now these are probably the times during college when all that we want is to have fun, so we make as many friends as possible. That should be fine, for college life is where we learn some important life lessons by treading paths which we later realize we shouldn’t have. And at this point we never pay attention as to how much influence does the lifestyle, conscience and ideologies of these good friends (good people) around us have on us. But eventually I think we all realize as to how important it is to have the right group of people around us.

In the process of evolving into a grown up adult, we try to explore and discern what is that we want in our life and as to how we want to live the rest of the days as we survive in a society where most of them don’t even know what they really want (not complaining, for each one of us have our own constraints to deal with) in their life when left alone from the materialistic desires , something that is very common in today’s corporate world. These are times when the brave ones who try treading multiple paths not knowing what their destination should be, must essentially make sure to surround themselves with those people who can impart a positive influence on them. It is required that he/she doesn’t get distracted with contrary thoughts listening to people around, who altogether have a different approach to their life compared to ours. Now I am not referring to these people to be morally bad, but for one to think positive, stay motivated and persevere, we should have the people with the right attitude around us. On the other hand with all these said, some might argue telling as long as you know what you want to do in your life, even when the going gets tough, you shouldn’t be distracted by anything including the folks around who might criticize your way of thinking and approach towards life. Well if you’re one of those, then Kudos to you! I believe you must be one in many. But as it is life is very cruel and can easily throw you off the path and bludgeon you to the ground, as you make your journey in pursuit of your goal, and these are times when one will realize the importance of those people who’ll help you pull yourself back on track, not through their advice or suggestions but just with their mere presence next to you.

I am of the opinion that each one of us are very different from one another, and that we should all live a life the way we want to and pursue goals that we set for ourselves based on our interest and passion. Going by my experience, I believe in order to follow this principle it is very important that we’re surrounded by the right bunch of people or maybe we’re better of being left alone. Think of it. You think at this point in your life (irrespective of your age), you’re surrounded by those who can have the essential influence on you to pursue your interest?? (by interest I mean anything that will make you happy)  If not, would it be fair to say that we should try building only such a companionship around us ?? If it is a “yes”, then trust me in saying that the number of friends you make in your life will come down very drastically.

Sunset view from Clinton lake…



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