Happenings in life

I am very sure that each one of us would have come across a moment in our life when we wanted our current life happenings to end, although these happenings were the ones we so badly wanted to be part of back then, for reasons that sound irrational to us now. As to why you want it to end, well that could be because of various reasons or realizations like inappropriate investment of time, wrong decisions made due to lack of exposure, trying to live someone else’s dream (dreams of your loved ones), trying to be a “wanna-be”,  or may be because of the constraints created by ourselves due to lack of courage. All of these reasons are very much interconnected.

People create a virtual world for themselves until that point when they realize they’ve been cheating and convincing themselves the whole time that they are really happy in life. One should be really fortunate to have reached this point when they tell themselves that all the thoughts, questions, and answers they communicated to their heart in the past were not true. Most of us continue living a life thinking we’re happy while having no idea of what real happiness feels like. If one is really happy and is living a life wherein he is really true to himself, and is not influenced by any materialistic needs, then i believe he or she (like my professor’s adviser told him) wouldn’t realize when the sun had set and the dawn had raised. That’s how undistracted their life will be with simple thought process and with no extreme emotions felt. But that being said, it looks like in todays world only the wisest who invests time alone for himself can live a life of that sort (think about this). Are you one of them ?? I am definitely not one of them, but working towards becoming one!

[ If you’re reading this then you’re getting a glimpse of what my mind voice had been telling me this last one year or so. I’ve finally decided to share my thoughts which until today I had them all typed and saved in my laptop. My deliberateness to start this blog was only to share my travel experiences, but then that being said all important lessons I have learned in my life, are all thanks to all the places I had visited and the people I had met in my trips whose thoughts were all alien to me initially, but later started making sense. I hadn’t learnt the most important lessons of my life until i started travelling and hiking with these rebellious people. Having been bought up in a family led by a woman, my mother, who until today is the most bravest and independent woman I have met in my life, who was widowed at the age of  23 with three kids, not very educated, with financial constraints, and spent almost 12 hours a day working to earn the living for the family resulting in not much of time spent with us, I learnt all my life lessons the hard way. Having said that, I did still learn two important lessons from my mother which is to be independent and to work really hard in life.

Now for some reason  I feel that I should share whatever the little realizations I had gained travelling and meeting people in the past. So for all those who are reading this, bare with me for I am going to copy some of those texts which I had saved for my self and paste them in my blog here. ]

Snap from my recent road trip to Ponca Valley in Arkansas. We explored the Lost Valley trail and the Whitaker Point trail in the upper Buffalo National River wilderness. My first hiking trip with roommates. It was only a two days trip but a memorable one 🙂


Hope all’s well with you 🙂


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