Las Vegas City


(Continued from) After a long night the previous day, it took time for guys to gather their thoughts and decide what they wanted to do today, the last day of our climbing trip. Except Sheilah and Chad who left early morning to climb a multi pitch route, the rest of us decided to go the bouldering way and relax for the day before heading to the strip street, the downtown place in Las Vegas.



Chad & Alex

I personally didn’t climb any today. Relaxed for some time and then later went dozed off in the van. The weather was insanely hot. Evening at around 4:00pm we all drove to Las Vegas city. On the way, when Casey complained about a sharp pain in his Rib, we stopped in a hospital worried that it could be some kind of bone dislocation in his Rib. He was in bad pain, not able to breathe comfortably. Emma, Luke and I accompanied him to the hospital, where we had to wait for two hours before he was called in later for an X-ray. Thankfully, it was a minor fracture and the pain killers kept him going for that evening.

So the Las Vegas city it was, and the hotel where we stayed was nothing like any place I had seen before. Its called Delano, a 47 story building in the heart of the city standing next to, Mandalay Bay, a 43 story luxury resort with restaurants and Casinos in the building. When we entered the hotel, we did one behind the other, trying not to get noticed. But then we hadn’t taken a bath for 8 days straight, which was very evident to all the guests in the hotel who stared at us, and in fact most of us wore clothes that were torn. Fun! 🙂

IMG_2144IMG_2150 IMG_2156 IMG_2161IMG_2168

Nothing’s like a shower after 7 days of climbing in hot weather. Feels like Eternal glory!! Around 9:00pm, in one of the hotel room the entire group of 30 had gathered and the guys took turn to talk about their best memories from the trip. Later we hanged out in strip street where guys who were then 21 & above entered pubs and the rest of the under-aged ones moved around. I didn’t last long for I decided to head back to the hotel and doze off for some obvious reasons (ask me, I’ll tell you the reason). Morning I woke up at around 6:30am, and saw guys having crashed everywhere in the tiny living room. Funny part was when I entered the rest room and saw one sleeping in the bath tub which made me realize that they must have had a blast the previous night.

view from our room’s balcony

I refreshed and walked out with my camera to click some snaps and grab breakfast for I was super hungry. Walking on the strip street I could see photos of woman half nude with their contact numbers and their hourly charges. Las Vegas is indeed a crazy city! Grabbing breakfast at IHOP, I started pondering about how different life would be living in a place with the luxury and craziness as it is in Vegas, but then I told myself that I would still prefer small towns surrounded by mountains and forest.

Hotel DELANO in the background

IMG_2198IMG_2180 IMG_2183

Later in the noon we started to Lawrence, and drove 22 hours straight back home…



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