Red Rock Canyon – Day 2


(continued from) I woke up early and moved around the campground to click some snaps. I was reminded of where on earth I was at that moment, with my family living across the ocean having no idea what I was up to. Mother calls me the previous day asking where I am and I told her that I am exactly where I’am supposed to be, amongst the mountains. Those times are long gone, when my family asked me not to indulge in adventurous trips, for they now know that nothing can be done to stop me.


We climbed more today, but with less energy compared to the previous day. The weather in Vegas was too hot. While my friends enjoyed the sun, trying to gain more tan, I on the other hand was desperately looking for these space between rocks to keep myself sheltered from the heat and sun burns. We tried climbing some slopers, which to be honest were not much fun. They were very heavy on the core, and the tiny holds didn’t help either. I top roped them. Spencer was brilliant though, leading these routes. The guy is a really good climber.

IMG_1940 IMG_1990




Well the highlight of the day though was the wrestling competition we had with Texas A&M guys. So just like the competition we had among ourselves in Joe’s Valley, Scott got us all started with the stage well set, having spread the crash pads on the ground, and surrounding them with our vehicles on one side with their head lights turned one for lighting. While we were competing among ourselves, creating lots of noise, these guys, around 20 of them showed up from the camp next to ours with 2 bottles of ROSSI jugs!

All of them were undergraduates from Texas A&M University’s Rock Climbing Club, and had travelled all the way from Texas to climb in the canyon for their mid semester break, just like us. They introduced themselves, and challenged us for wrestling. So thus began the competition, with our best competing with theirs for almost one hour. While the heat was on, with the strongest from both the sides competing, Rossi jugs were passed around from one hand to another. It was amazing fun the whole time, although we lost to them 6-2. Patty was one of them who scored for us, and she was bloody at the end of her fight with blood oozing from her nose. It was intense and also amazingly fun! 🙂



to be continued


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