Climbing in Red Rock Canyon – Day 1


(continued from) After reaching Vegas at around 12:00 am, we stopped at walmart to pick up groceries and water for the next three days of camping at Red Rock Canyon. I was surprised to see the avocados here being sold only for thirty cents each. Picked up half a dozen of them along with lots of vegetables and tortillas.

After four days since leaving Lawrence, the entire group of 34 met together at this place outside Las Vegas city, which until morning I didn’t realize was some kind of vehicle parking place outside the city in a remote place. While half the group had already dozed off, it didn’t take us long to pitch the tent and doze off for the night.

Nest day morning, before I had even slipped out of my sleeping bag, I heard guys sounding all excited and narrating stories of their climbing accomplishments so far in the trip. Having woken up with a fresh mind, listening to them talk about their experience, especially Gunderson’s, made me feel good, and had me all pumped up to start with our sport climbing expedition in Red Rock Canyon.

We formed groups based on the routes that we wanted to climb and shared gears accordingly before departing in respective vehicles to Red Rock Canyon.





The highlight for me apart from all the fun I had climbing, was this narrow passage between two huge mountains, called the Black Corridor. I was all startled to see the number of climbers here, all close to one another, sweating profusely trying to send the routes both sides of the passage. Amazing!

IMG_1968 IMG_1974



I burned off everything I had, trying to send this route which I got stuck with having no enough gas left in my core. That was my last climb of the day.

After a long tiring day in the sun, at around 6pm we drove to our new campsite for next 3 days, Red Rock camp ground…

Red Rock Campground

to be continued…



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