Zion National Park, Utah


(continued) After driving for 2 hours or so through the desert, we finally caught sight of the snow covered mountains, and with the rain shower later the view of the mountains only got better.  Reaching Zion National Park at around 6pm, all of us were overwhelmed by the mammoth size and the color of the rocks here. Never before had I seen a mountain formed by rocks as it was in Zion Canyon. The rocks were reddish and tan-colored, and roads built in the park looked nothing different from these rocks. They were of the same color as the rocks which made the drive inside the park beautiful. While I was busy trying to fathom the size of the mountains, guys were all like “wow” ,“wtf”,  “awesome” and things like that. I really enjoyed my visit to this place.

IMG_1800IMG_1852 IMG_1805 IMG_1809IMG_1812

Zion National Park is one of the many attractions in the southern part of Utah, where the formations of the rocks by Navajo Sandstone (like they called it) attracts thousands of tourists including hikers, photographers and nature lovers. The place is very well known for its unique plant and animal diversity, all inhabiting at different zones within the park. The park is also a heaven for bird watchers for it was told that 300 different species of birds could be spotted over the year. A snap of the Virgin river flowing through the narrow streams between mountains would make any photographer proud, for the snap is never going to look like an amateur’s click, period! The campsite for families and friends to pitch their tent and grab a beer, and the hike up the Angels Landing Mountain and with lots of wild animals to spot, the place is a must for all the nature lovers and adventurers out there.

IMG_1820 IMG_1833 IMG_1839 IMG_1841

In no time, as Luke drove us through the park, I was lost in my thoughts leaning my head over the window panel, enjoying the view. Man how much I wished that I just travelled my whole life to places like these that make you realize how gifted and beautiful life is…I then joined guys making lots of noise in the van as we drove through these long, never ending dark tunnels. FUN!

Unfortunately, we reached the park very late in the evening, and hence couldn’t hike up the Angels Landing Mountain, something we all regretted for. But after having driven through the park in our van, we later took a tour bus in and around the park, visiting those zones of the park that are not accessible using a private vehicle. Our driver was a very kind and warm, elderly man, who gave descriptions about the park and interacted with us the whole time we were on the bus (around 40 mins). He got so fond of our group, that at the end of the trip he exchanged contact numbers and asked us to contact him the next time we visited the place. Good times! 🙂


Around 9pm we started towards Red Rock Canyon in Vegas…to be continued


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