Bouldering in Joe’s Valley, Utah – Day 2 & 3

( Ever felt that your not gifted enough in life to live a complete life ?? Check out this link, for it might remind you of how much fortunate you are to have your current life. People out there are living a terrible life to say the least. I love the snap where the kid is looking out through the vehicle mirror having had the chance to the see the world for good, for the first time! )


(continued from)  After the wind stopped Scott gave us no option but to get started for the day in one hour. We moved around the valley, burning calories and refueling regularly with dry fruits, avocado and tortillas to last longer. The weather though stayed pleasant for the day.

IMG_1648 IMG_1651 IMG_1658IMG_1710IMG_1682



I should mention about Ada here. She passed out of KU couple of years back and currently works in Salt Lake City. She drove alone from Salt Lake City to join us in Joe’s valley in this super customized vehicle of hers. It’s a Volkswagen Van, a mid-90’s model, completely modified to accommodate this tiny kitchen, a couch and enough space to carry all her climbing gears. She proudly showed us off the interior of her van, which was very impressive. She owned no other car, but just that van, and used it to move around alone on long road trips and also for her work in Salt Lake City. A strong climber and an interesting girl she was.


IMG_1714IMG_1713 IMG_1715

So after dinner, Scott got us all into this wrestling game with all the crash pads spread across on the floor next to the bonfire and demonstrated the moves to us. Apparently Scott was a wrestler back in school, which didn’t surprise us, for he possibly happens to be one of the strongest climbers in the club. So the contest began with guys challenging each other and trying really hard to overpower their opponents. It was fun!

IMG_1747 IMG_1753 IMG_1761



Following day, greeted with overcast weather, we climbed more, until when the hailstorm began forcing us to end our bouldering project early. We then departed from Joe’s Valley to our next destination.

IMG_1771 IMG_1778

To be continued…


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