Gatlinberg – The Mountain Town

( So am going to admit the fact that I am finding it difficult to manage my time for blogging while I keep juggling between my thesis work, GTA work in physics department, a higher level course in fluid dynamics, climbing, cooking healthy food and preparing myself physically for my long trek next month. I must be sounding like a loser here, but I am trying my best to make the best of my time)

Following the hike we drove to Gatlinberg, a mountain town, tucked away at the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. We checked in at the cottage that we had booked prior, a luxurious cottage that had an awesome hot tub, Jacuzzi with massage jets and funky led lights attached with it and installed in the balcony looking over the forest. Evening myself and Avinash drove to the downtown to grab some food for dinner. While Avinash waited to pick up our order, which was considerably delayed, I hung out in the downtown street.

Gatlinberg, a small bustling tourist town as it is, it feels amazing for the kind of relaxing effect it has to offer as you walk down the parkway. You’ll definitely feel the fresh breeze whistling across the Smoky mountains. The downtown street here is very colorful with local authentic candy shops, aquariums, nicely setup bars, and yes, you’ll definitely love the stream running down from Smokies, flowing right across the street, with crystal clear water. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me when I was out there, so sharing some snaps from the web.

The Mountain town, GATLINBERG


For the night, we played pool for some time and later, while I sat watching television, guys had fun drinking and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. Until that day I never knew that there existed a hot tub, Jacuzzi with massage jets, bubbles and colorful led light setup in the water that can also play music. Luxury!!

IMG_0916 IMG_0917 IMG_0919Untitled

I planned to enjoy the Jacuzzi early morning next day and watch the sunrise from the balcony. The view from the balcony looking over the landscape was beautiful. As planned, I got up at 5:30AM and shivering in the cold, only in my undergarment, I stepped out to the Jacuzzi in the outdoors, turned on the system. Seeing all the water jet, bubbles and lighting that showed up, I got so excited that I jumped in the water, not having realized that my cell phone was in my hand. For a minute the display looked fine, but then that was the last time I saw my Sony Cedar mobile’s display work 😦 (she served me well for 4 years until that day). Anyways, I sat for almost an hour enjoying the view in front me. While the temperature was close to 5 degrees outside, it felt good seated in the hot tub with all the massage jets turned on :).


IMG_0943 IMG_0933

Morning all of us departed to our respective States. We all live in different states here in the US, significantly far from each other. I got dropped in Bloomington (Illinois) by Avinash, from where I had booked Amtrak ticket to St.Louis for the night. Apparently the trip hadn’t ended for me there. I had to face the consequences of a train that got derailed and went off track just a few miles away from Bloomington, thanks to the drunk driver and thus became part of this series of events that unfolded for the night in the station, such that I had a big dramatic story to tell my roommates after I got back home 18 hours late from my actual schedule. I shall write about them all in the next post.

To be continued…


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