Ruby Falls and the Caves – Chattanooga

(Check this video to get a peek into my road trip to Florida, put together by my friend Kishan.)

Next up we drove to Chattanooga to visit Ruby falls.

En-route to Ruby falls

This falls is located 1120 feet below the surface in the Lookout Mountain (ya right that’s the name of the mountain), and is about 145 foot high. I already have had the experience of taking an elevator down earth’s surface for 640 feet when I had visited Strataca, but then this one was better, at around 1120 feet below surface. After going down in the elevator, one has to walk for almost 0.8 mile through the caves to reach the falls. The walk through the caves  is exciting and when you think of the person who discovered it for the first time exploring these caves, you’ll really be amazed of his sense of adventure and exploration. Our tour to the falls lasted for 1.5 hr.


our enthusiastic guide

IMG_0752IMG_0763IMG_0765   IMG_0782                IMG_0758                IMG_0769IMG_0778

RUBY Falls

We had dinner in “Sitar Indian Cuisine” restaurant in Chatanooga city where right opposite to the restaurant I was overwhelmed by the view of this awesome outdoor climbing gym.


While we tried making it back in time to Nashville for the Independence day celebration fireworks, we couldn’t. It was raining very badly and just when we reached the city, the fireworks began. Seated in the car we only got a glimpse of it 😦


to be continued…


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