Jack Daniel’s Distillery – Tennessee

(With the start of spring semester this week, arrived the snow. Yes it’s finally snowing here in Lawrence. Not that heavily though, but good enough for me to enjoy the view from my room with hot coffee. Last week it was difficult for me to get over the travel hangover, following my road trip to Florida with under grade hiking friends. At the end we parted in the airport to our terminals disappointed that the trip had to end. Beach, food, games, volleyball, intellectual discussions and of course the long refreshing journey… beautiful it was !)

July 4th 2016

We started our drive to Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchberg highway from Nashville early morning. I don’t know about my friend’s experience driving his car through those narrow roads, but I for sure would have thoroughly enjoyed peddling my bike there. Huge trees and greenery everywhere on either side of the road, something I hadn’t seen for long time. In fact, not sure if one such trail exist in Kansas.

Few years back I had watched the documentary on Jack Daniel’s distillery plant in National Geographic channel and now, today I was excited to visit the place for real. The plant is set up in a remote place with the spring water that was used for brewing, flowing in gutter to most part of the plant. Accompanied by a guide who narrated to us the story of their Whiskey and also some interesting facts about Mr. Jack himself, we were taken on a tour to the plant and explained of their major brewing & mellowing (filtering) process and how the filtered alcohol is stored in oak barrels for years that gives the unique color and the taste for their whiskey.


Avi and MK
Achyut & Me


Spring water !

IMG_0701 IMG_0705IMG_0706 IMG_0707IMG_0710 IMG_0712
IMG_0723 IMG_0724 IMG_0727 IMG_0731

Driven in a bus, we visited one of the many barrel storage house in the woods. This one that we visited was 3 years old. Our guide let us smell the air inside by opening the door. The smell was incredible and the vats were hot. (No photography allowed in the barrel storage house)


While usually the visitors are given with samples of whiskey to taste, we had visited on close day (no alcohol sold in US on independence day) and hence nothing to taste. Also all the employees of the plant receive one bottle of whiskey on pay day, which our guide was very excited to announce :).

Later we drove to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga…



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