Smell of the moist coir

I am currently working in Civil Structures Research lab for  winter break to make some money for managing my expenses for an upcoming road trip. Yesterday while unwinding the coir bags from the concrete column specimens, (used for efficient curing of concrete specimens), the smell of the moist bags reminded me of the wet & moist woods of the forest, which any hardcore monsoon trek lovers would never forget. I was reminded of how much I really missed the monsoon hikes.20151228_085124


Missing Western Ghats and all the travelling part with closest of friends in India. Some snaps from the archives…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC00492269480_246782265337587_5109816_n964624_10152855368550154_1159363926_o 575763_10151591449333490_2022815508_n 9901_10151591450093490_1997366945_nimg_20130714_205718 dsc01241 dsc01407

So I am all excited of travelling to Florida next week with my best buddies from undergraduate school…


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