“Monsoon Trek” – Day 2


Today we walked downhill to Kollur. Rain that continued from the previous day denied us the beautifull view of the mountains as we walked very vigilantly following this narraw trail around and down the hill. But I still loved the view of the mist covering the mountains. Feels like being in a different dimension.

As we descended down, the rain got less intense. After reaching the foothill when we looked back, we saw the beautiful view of the landscape covered with mist.

trek to kodachadri,july 2009 008 trek to kodachadri,july 2009 013trek to kodachadri,july 2009 019trek to kodachadri,july 2009 001 - Copytrek to kodachadri,july 2009 006trek to kodachadri,july 2009 012trek to kodachadri,july 2009 016trek to kodachadri,july 2009 017trek to kodachadri,july 2009 037

We had tea in this old coffee shop, built close to a gurukul (school) and then headed towards the Kollur ghat road through the forest.  After reaching the ghat road, just when we thought the trek and the fun was all over, we thought wrong ! The fun still hadn’t stopped there. We waited for the bus for almost an hour, but none arrived. Finally a truck that passed by offered us a ride till Mookambika temple, almost an hour ride through dense forest. This is one such ride you won’t often get in your life. Seated on the floor in a truck, with rain drizzling and being driven through the forest which had so many of these streams on the way just beside the road and playing dumcharades….FUN !

trek to kodachadri,july 2009 038 trek to kodachadri,july 2009 041 trek to kodachadri,july 2009 048

trek to kodachadri,july 2009 069

We visited the Mookambika temple and boarded the bus back to Bangalore.


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