Himalayan Expedition Ends !! – Day 14,15,16&17 – Base camp – Delhi – Bangalore

Day 14 – May 16th – The End !

Finally the last assembly before our trek ended. The past 8 days we all shared the best times of our life as a group and it felt weird that it is to end, atleast for me, to address them on the last day as group leader. So conveyed them a final thanks for being such an amazing group, and letting me serve as there group leader. Our Camp leader, complemented calling us the best energetic group so far to have participated in YHAI Saurkundi Pass Trekking event for the year. And I think we really did deserve it.


Last Group Pic

We exchanged contacts of each other and dispersed for ones. The trail was through this small village were they grew strawberries. Women in the village sold freshly picked strawberries, and most of us bought it. On reaching the highway, we took a bus to “15 Miles” base camp and so ended our Saurkundi pass expedition.



Everyone  packed and checked out of the camp immediately. Good bye’s were heard loud around. Me and suman planned to stay back in the camp for the night and take the Bus to Delhi the next day while the rest of my gang left to Delhi that evening itself. The elderly four of our group thanked me for sticking with them patiently behind while they struggled to continue at times. Felt good 🙂

So with the group gone I was left alone in a tent for the night. Before dinner I spoke to couple of participants who were leaving for higher camps the next day. Apparently it was there third Saurkundi pass expedition. They shared their experiences from past talking about how bad the weather was the previous time they had participated in the event. They even advised me to come participate in the event alone for it has its own experience and self-realizations to take home with. I knew I would do that in the future sometime for sure.

After dinner, I went back to tent which I shared with none. Seated alone, I tried reading a magazine, but couldn’t stop thinking about the group and the crazy moments that I had gone through the last 9 days. I really did miss my friends at that moment. I sat awake late night that day with my torch, trying to recollect all the cherishing moments of the trek and penning them down in a notebook.

Day 15 – May 17th

The next day morning me and suman checked out from the base camp and left to Manali. We split up and roamed around the streets of Manali for almost three hours. Evening we boarded the bus to Delhi, a long fifteen hours journey it was.

Day 16 – May18th

Checked into International Youth Hostel Accomodation, which I must say was very impressive for what we paid. I din’t like the hot weather in Delhi, infact hated it. 44 deg celcius with crazy hot breeze. No kidding. Still managed to visit Qutub Minar, Nehru Planetarium and few other places. Evening when the weather got a bit pleasant, I walked around the streets near the hostel for couple of hours, had street food for dinner before retiring back to hostel for a desperately awaited long sleep.

Day 17-May 19th

Boarded the Flight back to Bangalore. And next day morning back to work…


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