Himalayan Expedition – Day 13 – Trek to Lekhni Village Camp (last one) – 8100 ft

May 15th

Everyone in the group had bad frostbites on their face, thanks to the extreme and drastically changing weather we had to endure through the last four days. Todays trek was around 10 KM, downhill through the woods and it dint take us long. For lunch we stopped for a long break amidst of this beautiful location…

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The view infront of me with the goats roaming around in the steep mountains and the green vegetation reminded me of this cartoon series called “HEIDI”. It was a long break that we took, and by now we were all aware that the long walks of the expedition is all done with. We played UNO, Dumsharadhs and some even slept off. When we reached Lehkni, we met our Base camp’s Field Director who was temporally assigned as Lekhni camp leader.

IMG_3962 DSC00575 IMG_3966 IMG_3976 IMG_4003IMG_3994

Lehkni Camp was situated alongside an apple orchard. Unlike the other camps this was an old building, beautifully built with stones.  The ground floor was roofed with wooden structure and the house had first floor, a compact one. The view of the landscape from the balcony of the house was lovely. Also we could see the highway from the house, which wasn’t far from there.

Lekhni Camp House !

964640_10152861247565154_324548772_o IMG_4014 IMG_4011

We chilled out the whole evening, with lots of games played. Pugeekai (dynamic 7 high energy car game that requires one to be really agile with good memory) game we played that evening was the killer highlight. We seriously laughed our stomachs out. Almost two hours the games lasted and two hours of crazy fun it was. Myself, Achyut, Vaishali, Johan, Vishwa, Nandini, Madhuri, Chithra played while our Camp leader, Mr & Mrs Naik, were completely entertained watching us go haywire. Good times ! 🙂

With most of them having planned to check out from the base camp tomorrow itself, we all knew that it was the last night together as group. So we tried to make the best of it…


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