Himalayan Expedition !! Day 12 – SAURKUNDI PASS Summit at 12900 ft

May 14th – Crossing SAURKUNDI PASS Summit at 12900 ft to Longa Thatch camp – 10800 ft

We were scheduled to leave very early in the morning today, since the weather gets very extreme at the summit. At 7:00AM we all assembled for short briefing session by the Camp leader who warned us about the potential dangers, gave us instructions to  follow the guides orders, things that we should be aware of when sliding down the snow and so on…


Day’s trek was almost for 14Km and we walked in the snow the whole day. “follow my footprints” the guide ordered us, making sure that we din drop into one of those crevasse. But Vaishali still did fall victim for them once, bad one that too. One of her leg went down till her thigh, thankfully, no injuries. Good for her !

Resuming the walk after lunch, we had to deal with the hailstorm for a short span and later as we got close to the summit the snow started coming down very heavily. Walking in snow fall, surrounded by dull white atmosphere, not able to see anywhere beyond 20 feet around, it was like being in another dimension. Easily one of the best day of my life !!

970114_10151591453918490_739971089_n308431_10151591454463490_1794653196_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC00554942220_10151591455163490_1235704415_n DSC00541 DSC00544947287_10151591454743490_955480371_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA424584_10151591455183490_398080468_n

SK13 Group at the Summit !

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA984232_10151591454713490_107909375_n

After crossing the Saurkundi pass summit, the slides came. We had 3 long ones, of which one was for almost a kilometere. It was shear fun ! 🙂

I’ll let the pictures speak….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC00559DSC00557248162_10151591454133490_1818185496_n264514_10151591454298490_105698630_n983660_10151591457838490_1227740233_n DSC00561

There were spots where we had to make use of the ropes to descend down. And with the snow, the walk through the woods was very slippery. All of us where in a mess by the time we reached Longa thatch camp.

Snacks were served with tea and the dinner had Gulab Jamun (Indian sweet) too. It was a long day for us. While I went to sleep early, most of them were awake late for the night, talking through their love stories and ghost acquaintance.

As I slept, the images that my eyes had captured at summit kept flashing in…..


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