Himalayan Expedition !! Day 11 – Hike to Doura Thatch Camp – 11300 ft

May 13th

After having walked in rain for last two days, the weather today was bright and the sky was all blue in colour. We signed out from the camp at around 9:00AM and our influencing Camp leader walked some distance along with us before shaking hands and waving bye.

IMG_3794 984294_10151591450858490_979575535_n248170_10151591452228490_5452806_n379592_10151591451663490_265403934_n

The days hike was very steep and we walked around 10 km. Having gone beyond the altitude of 10000 feet , the panoramic view around was beautiful. Between all these I had completely forgotten people back home (was 6 days since I had called them), my workplace and was completely thought free.

As group leader, I took the responsibility of walking at the end and made sure no one was left behind in the group. As the walk got steeper, the older lot in group took their own time walking and I had all the patience in the world to walk alongside them. For what I know of myself, I don’t really prefer waiting or being retarded by others in the group during a hike (something I always had to when freelancing as guide for adventure groups in Bangalore for my pocket money). But having fallen in love with the place, I could wait for all the time in the world. Also trying to be a responsible group leader. I realized few important attributes that a good , responsible leader should possess.

Today was special in the fact that, we had hailstorm, some snow and drizzle as well. Also for the first day, and for first time in our life most of us saw snow. Guys got excited and started chucking snow on each other. Since I walked last with the elders and reached the spot last, was attacked by everyone at once. Fun time !

DSC00524 DSC00500 DSC00507IMG_3808

Having reached the camp early, by 4:00PM, we spent our time hanging around the camp spot. All though I liked Mylee Camp more, this camp was awesome in its own ways. It was set up by one of the peaks, where the terrain was almost flat over a small area and was surrounded by lawn on all the side. We sat enjoying the view for two hours and then later played cards. We call the game “PUGEEKAI” (mail me if you want to know how it’s played. It’s really fun playing when camping). We had lots of fun.

Doura Thatch Camp

IMG_3813IMG_3868IMG_3823IMG_3833IMG_3837 DSC00527 IMG_3790 IMG_3879

After dinner, though the camp leader had no plans of having an assembly, thanks to the drizzle, it turned out that the groups energy was too good to not have an assembly. So the Camp leader called for a gathering even though it was drizzling and freezing cold. Then came the best part when the boys from IIT Bombay started dancing hearing the FM music from Camp leader’s radio that worked on batteries (we had no electricity in any of the camps). Most of them joined later and at an altitude of 11000 feet they all showcased there MOVES  🙂

Next day it was our turn to cross the Saurkundi Pass summit….


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