Himalayan Expedition !! Day 9 – Hike to slippery Hora Thatch camp-9000 ft

May 11th

“Tea”, the camp leader shouted out to each of the tents and asked us to walk out with our tumblers. After having tea we warmed up with some morning stretches. The camp had only one restroom for men and the que was building up. Guys passing crazy comments to the ones inside, basically trying to force them out. Laughter heard loud !!


At 9:00AM we started to our next higher camp. The trail initially went through the segli village and then into the Himalayan subtropical pine forests. The pine tree stretches deep into the forest and covers vast area. Beautiful, serene place to walk in. While we moved in the shade of the trees the weather above slowly became overcast.

1004064_10151540089942151_1110716119_n579461_10151591447243490_702017906_n 312139_10151591447103490_1727776611_n IMG_3691IMG_3699

When had stopped for lunch, the rain started coming down heavily and we all rushed to find shelter below tree trunks. Fortunately the place had a small canteen built using tarpaulin, which helped.


The rain continued to drizzle. So after having waited for 2 hours we started our walk again,  geared with our rain jackets and poncho. The trail had gotten very slippery because of the rain, and we had to walk with vigilance.

Around 5:00PM, with the rain still pouring, we reached our next camp, “HORA THATCH”. Thanks to the rain the entire camp was very slippery and many of us even had bad falls. While we changed to dry cloths in the tent, the Camp Leader carried tea and hot potato fries to each tents. Man weren’t we desperate for something hot! The fries were too good 🙂

Later when the rain stopped, we hanged out checking around the camp spot. There was a falls seen just 100mts away from the camp, but thanks to the rain the Camp Leader didn’t let us go explore them.

379686_10151591448778490_534634119_n977181_10152858212770154_568722307_o964624_10152855368550154_1159363926_o 252328_10151591448458490_468501680_nIMG_3766 IMG_3763 IMG_3759 IMG_3720 IMG_3714

Jay entertained us for the evening, pulling each ones legs. We had an early dinner, for the weather was to get very cold and the rain was forecasted to get heavy for the evening and later went to our tents early too.


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