Himalayan Expedition !! Day 7 – Rappelling and River Crossing

Day 7: Rappeling and River Crossing

Sk13 group totally had 34 members and was a good combination of students (Engineers, Doctors & a Pilot too), married couple and few men above 45 who were very energetic. As group leader it was my responsibility to make sure all my group members were up and ready for the morning jog. I had my share of embarrassment when I stood in front of girls tent calling out my friends names, early in the morning. But Madhuri helped me out on that part, for she’s use to waking up early every day. So this was one of my challenge, to be up and rolling before everyone, which with lots of difficulties I succeeded.

So after another day of jog, warm up & breakfast, we saw off SK12 to higher camps. And our days schedule involved going out for Rappelling and Climbing.


The rappelling point was just beside the highway which had the Beas river stream flowing on the other side. We sat and relaxed by the woods near rappelling point while everyone took their turn rappelling. This was when I spoke with Anand, Apoorv and the rest of the boys from IIT Bombay. Bunch of intellects these guys were. Never did I realize then that by the end of the expedition we would have become such good friends.


Once done with rappelling, we walked back to the camp for lunch and then back to the climbing point. But unfortunately another group had already anchored and occupied the place. So the trainer decided to take us to the river crossing point, anchored across the Beas river (river crossing was self-sponsored). Later we walked across a hanging bridge built over Beas river, climbed up through the woods and relaxed in a serene place. The view of the stream flowing below was a treat to our eyes. And walking back to the camp again was fun. We tried the walkathon style walk with each one taking turn and entertaining others :). We had lots of fun doing it.

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Tomorrow it was SK13’s turn to leave for higher camps. The camp leader had ordered us to gather with our packed ruck sack at 4:00pm, to check them and give each one of us a “Yes”. He had already advised us as to what needs to be carried and what not. Basically he wanted us to carry light with only necessary stuffs and not burden ourselves, for the hike involved steep uphill and down walks. Accordingly at 4:00 PM, most of us gathered standing in line with our sacks beside us. As for the few who turned in late, the group leader paid the prize. I got blasted by the camp leader :). When all were there, he checked each one of our sacks lifting them and ordered some to reduce sack weight based on there body physique. The rest of our luggage we dropped them in the base camp itself. YHAI did good job in keeping them safe.

The night arrived and so did the camp fire in the form of LED lights. SK 14 organized the cultural event for us that night.

At 10:00PM lights went off and so did we to our respective tents, all set to embark on our best ever hiking expedition the next day. Four months of waiting and finally it was one last night…..


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