Kotebetta and Tandiyandomol – Two Days Coorg Expedition – Part II

Day 2 of 2

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After having a sound sleep for the night, we got up at around 7:00AM, finished our morning rituals and packed our tent. Just when we were about to leave, a person who called himself to be the night watchman for the school came from no where and questioned us for having camped in-front of the school. We din’t really bother listening to him, for when he came close to us we realized that the man was drunk for the night.

Nalknad Palace one the left (very small one to be called a palace though), School to the right


And so we began our walk, all ready for a challenging uphill task ahead.

Tadiandamol is the second highest peak in Karnataka at 5,724 ft, about 1748m above sea level. The route is ideal for beginners with uphill walk of around 8-9 kms But it gets pretty steep for 2kms between, which could be challenging when one is loaded with his backpack. The first km is on road, the jeep route. When the jeep route ended, we dropped our sack, chilled off in the stream that was flowing just beside the road and had our breakfast (same chapathi and bread).

 DSC02077 DSC02087 DSC02089

The hike bagan from here. It was all fine until later when the sun came out and when our sack started feeling a bit more heavier. After a hardworking previous day, we struggled a bit in between when the terrain got more steep. But the trail was beautifull, with landscape view on either side. It din’t take me long to summon myself to the nature’s beauty and forget the discomforts caused by my sack and high temperature weather. It was around this time that we met 2 students from Malaysia, apparently couples studying medicine in Mangalore.

DSC02091 DSC02092

We already were among the clouds when we had around 1km distance to the peak. And from there on we walked through them, and the dry heat had all of a sudden become cold and I could feel the moisture in the atmosphere.

DSC02102 DSC02103 DSC02106 DSC02110

Reached the peak at 12:30pm and the view from top was overwhelming.

DSC02107DSC02121 DSC02114DSC02117 DSC02116 DSC02113


We relaxed for an hour and then began our walk back to the foothill. Took an auto to the highway and then a bus to nakapolu where we met the same students again. Together we took the bus to Coorg main bus station. During this journey, I had some good conversation with them on topics realated to school education system in India and Malaysia. Interestingly, got to know lot, which I wasn’t aware of before. Achyut, Suman and Bargavi had dozed off already in the bus.

Achyut !!

We sighed them a goodbye for they were to take a bus to Mangalore and we to Bangalore. Had dinner in a restaurant, in one of the complex by the bus station and later boarded the bus back to Bangalore to attend office the nextday.

Day 2 Route

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