I moved to Lawrence city in Kansas state on July 31st and am already in love with this small city whose major population are part of university community. In my flight to Kansas city from Chicago I fortunately came across this woman in late forties maybe, who took the seat next to me. While I was reluctant to start the conversation (for it was a journey to last for about an hour and half) she did the opposite and we introduced ourself. When she learnt the reason for me being in that flight, she spoke a lot about whatever that she knew about Lawrence city and KU. During the whole time, she did mention a lot about people in Kansas and how good and friendly they are. Just 3 weeks after having been here and after having heard the experience of some of my friends who’ve moved to east and west coast of US, I’ve realized what she meant. People here are very friendly.

(Apparently she’s an HR in a MNC mechanical firm here in Kansas city which meant that I had to have her complete contact details :). Hopefully she’ll be of more help to me in future.)

Lawrence has a population of around 1 lakh and the university stands at the highest altitude around this place. I’am writing this post after having settled down in an apartment which has a beautifull view of the lawn and a swimming pool from the living room.

Its not at all the luxurious life I’am living currently here (compared to the ones I had in India) that has made me love this new life, but the fact that I’am meeting people from different parts of world, being exposed to new food, culture, having to cook my own food, being kept busy the whole day, living a completely independent life is……

Sharing pics to highlight my first couple of weeks as an alien citizen (most of the snaps clicked using my old sony cedar mobile, so don’t mind if the quality of the snaps suck)

View from of my apartment !

I visited the university’s Biodiversity institute and Natural History Museum that studies the life of the planet for the benefit of the Earth and its inhabitants. Specimens on which the research was carried out in early 1900’s were also in display and the facts (outcome of the research) which they explained was very interesting. I spent 3 hours trying to read through each and every description the specimens were displayed with, but still couldn’t complete them. Will definitely be going back……

20140814_160706 20140814_16071420140814_160200


Attended the first dinner party of Bridges International Organization. I feel bridges is a good platform to interact with guys from other parts of the world. Mr & Mrs Cliff hosted the party in there house. Loved the way there house was set up, beautiful it was. Mr Cliff also showed us around the house describing about some of the Art works which he happened to collect during his stay in Russia. It was a fun filled evening wherein I got to chat with guys from Iran, China, Netherland, Czech Republic, Korea on there food habits and some other trivial topics. Fun time.

Also I had the pleasure to meet Linda who shared her experience on her initial days in USA, interesting it was. And Jonathan is my first American friend here.

With Linda, Jonathan and Rudra
Josh briefing us about bridges international in the living room of the house

The first two weeks in the campus  included lot of festivals for new students and I was amazed by the performance of the local athletes (mostly gymnastics) during a ceremony in the memorial stadium.

(Yes, I still dream of doing one of those forward and reverse flips)

KU Festival
In KU’s Memorial Stadium

And the best highlight is (I am not going to reveal as to how the story unfolded) that I went to the university on the seventh day of the orientation in a cop car who was initially a bit rude (don’t ask me why :p). I was taken by surprise when I saw all the gadgets the car was loaded with along with couple of rifles. Quiet a rush it was 🙂 But the cop was very friendly after he realized that we were innocent !! We spoke about different climates in India while he drove us to University.


6 thoughts on “Being an “ALIEN CITIZEN”

  1. I chose to start reading your blog from this post, just so that I could draw parallels with my experience and relate to it. Beautifully written!!I am glad you told me about this! Better late than Never I guess 😉

    P.S Would like to know the Cop car story next time we speak 😉

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