Sarjapur Road – Mallur – Bagalur – Hoskote – Home

17-11-2013, sunday

SO with the rain coming down heavily, I was very reluctant of doing an early morning 100 km ride the next day. But Prakash whom I had asked the previous day of doing one, texted me in the evening asking when and where to meet. Well that was enough to finalise.
Checked with Ankit if he would like to join us and he confirmed with no second thoughts. So we decided to meet at marathahalli at 4:30AM. As planned we met at marathahalli and started our ride at 4:45am (while they made it in time i was late by 10 mins). Weather was really cold and it took us some 5Km ride to get warmed up. On the way to Sarjapur I got chased by 3 dogs, scary ones, who made me peddle like it was the last day of my life.

Beautiful trail it was from Sarjapur to Mallur and the cold weather made it even more better.

2013-11-17 06.29.13

Sarjapur to Mallur
Sarjapur to Mallur

We stopped in Mallur for some 15 mins while Ankit and Prakash had something eat.

2013-11-17 06.45.02
Ankit complaining about his cleats which was in a mess
2013-11-17 06.45.58
(Left to Right) Prakash and Ankit
In mallur
In Mallur

The traffic from Mallur to Bagalur is comparatively more, which made sense since the path had many manufacturing industries. Trucks coming from opposite side at high speed, it was just a matter of second that they passed us but by the time they did we had almost lost all the momentum and the strong head wind din’t help either. We got retarded. It was around 8:10AM when we reached Bagalur. We stopped here for 5 mins, had biscuits and tea. Poor guy Ankit, who landed his cleats in some mess (rained badly the previous day) and had to clean the same.

2013-11-17 08.11.12
Ya, thats me giving that weird look while Ankit was telling me about this cool thing which I hardly remember 😛

By the time we had reached Hoskote for breakfast it was 9:00am. Had a heavy breakfast and reached home in 40 mins from there.

Compared to my previous solo ride in the same route, my legs this time stayed good the whole time. My average speed increased by 1km. Happie :). But still need to improve.

Thanks to Prakash and Ankit.


Distance: 96.85 km
Total time: 04:21 hrs
Avg Speed: 22.3 km/h
Top speed: 43.6 km/hr

Route we traced (Readings from prakash's mobile)
Route we traced

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